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Laptop Distribution

  • Student devices are distributed during prep day.
  • Every student must have a 1:1 Technology Contract on file in the library for the current school year before receiving a device.
  • Email if you have not been issued your device.

Laptop Expectations

Students needing technical assistance should complete these steps:

  • Completely shut down and restart their laptop.
  • If you are not at school, call the APSB Helpdesk at 391-7090.
  • Submit a technology work order at
  • Use a cell phone or iPad if possible until the issue is resolved.

Technology Fee

  • Single student = $20 per year
  • Family plan = $40 per year
  • The annual technology fee covers damage to the laptop or charger. Bring the damaged item to the library to receive a replacement. This fee does NOT cover lost, stolen, or misplaced laptops or chargers. Click on the Technology Repair Cost List below to view all technology fees.

Technology Repair Cost List

  • Click on the Technology Repair Cost List link above to view all technology fee amounts.
  • These fees are assessed when:
    • students return damaged laptops and/or chargers but have not paid the annual tech fee, or
    • students' laptops and/or chargers are misplaced, lost, or stolen.